Using Truffle


Once you understand some basic concepts, you will find many ways to use truffle. However, truffle recipes can be found easily on many websites.
Here are some basic ideas on how you may use truffle in your own cooking based on our experience.


Fresh Truffle

Fresh Truffle seems to be at its best when it is grated or sliced thinly onto hot food just before eating. In this way the aroma of the truffle is brought to you though the heat of the dish on the plate before you.

Truffle is a flavour enhancer. It brings a unique earthy flavour to good food and the aroma is an essential part of experiencing of eating truffle.

Truffle will willingly infuse many foods. The delicate flavour of truffle can be overwhelmed by spices or foods with a strong flavour, so try to use truffles to enhance the flavour of simpler dishes such as those based on rice, pasta, cheese or egg.

We feel fresh truffle is at its best when grated over fresh hot vegetables, cooked pasta, potato or rice dishes. Eggs readily absorb the flavour of truffle through their shell so truffled scrambled eggs or omelettes are easy to prepare simply by leaving eggs with truffle in a sealed glass jar over night.

We have found truffle also lends itself to sweet dishes as well as savoury. Try it with icecream and panna cotta! 


Truffle Oil

Fresh truffle will readily infuse into oils and butter and can impart their flavour though the oil in the cooking process or when drizzled over cooked food or salad. However truffle will not last for long in most oils, and will start to deteriorate after a couple of weeks. So use your oil quickly. Note that most commercially available truffle oil is chemically flavoured and so has a longer shelf life.


Preserved Truffle

Truffle is able to be preserved and used throughout the year. One way is to grate fresh truffle into butter and freeze it to use when the fresh vegetables are available, particularly asparagus, corn or potatoes. When placed on a steak it is as good as the real thing!

We only produce products that have fresh truffle in natural preservatives which can be used in savoury or sweet dishes.

Grated truffle in honey and mixed with ice cream or yoghurt is an excellent quick and simple dessert whilst the Hazelnuts in Truffled Honey creates a more interesting taste. Over goats cheese or blue cheese it is a simple but impressive accompaniment to drinks.