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Photograph courtesy of BLMOT

Lowes Mount Truffiere grows, harvests and sells Black Perigord Truffle and makes truffles products for sale.

Visitors to Oberon and the Blue Mountains can join us and our truffle dogs, Morris and Floyd, on a truffle hunt during the truffle season in June, July and August.

Fresh truffle and our products can be purchased on the hunts or at Farmer's Markets in Oberon on the first Saturday of each month.  


Saturday Hunt and Hamper.

Beginning at 11.30am, participate in a hunt and then, after a grading explanation, enjoy a hamper lunch. The lunch will feature preserved truffle products and fresh truffle found on the hunt and may be enjoyed in the truffle room or in the garden – weather permitting.


Sunday Hunt and Lunch

Beginning at 11.30am enjoy a hunt and then join the truffle grower at the farmhouse table for a 4 course Sunday truffle lunch featuring fresh truffle found that day. BYO


We do have a wait list if you are willing to come at short notice!

Sometimes cancellations do occur.

2016 Calendar

Truffle Hunts



February - 6th - Oberon Farmer's Market


March - 5th - Oberon Farmer's Market


April - 2nd - Oberon Farmer's Market


May - 7th - Oberon Farmer's Market


June - 4th - Oberon Farmer's Market

              18th - Saturday Hunt and Hamper Fully Booked

              25th - Saturday Hunt and Hamper Fully Booked              

              26th - Sunday Hunt and Lunch -  Fully Booked



July - 2nd -   Oberon Farmer's Market 

            9th -   Saturday Hunt and Hamper Fully Booked  

            16th - Saturday Hunt and Hamper Fully Booked

            17th - Sunday Hunt and Lunch Fully Booked

           23rd - Saturday Hunt and Hamper Fully Booked

           30th - Saturday Hunt and Hamper Fully booked



August - 6th - Oberon Farmer's Market

                 13th - Saturday Hunt and Hamper Fully Booked

                 14th - Sunday Hunt and Lunch Fully Booked


September - 3rd - Oberon Farmer's Market


October - 1st - Oberon Farmer's Market


November- - 5th - Oberon Farmer's Market


December - 3rd - Oberon Farmer's Market